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      Vacancies for Foreign Teachers

      Full time and Part time foreign teachers needed for China Women’s University
      CWU is the largest women institute of higher learning in China, offering comprehensive disciplines of Arts and Design, Computer Science, Business Management, Finance, English Language, etc. There are 21 undergraduate majors, 2 master degree programs. The current student number studying on campus is around 6,500 from all through China. Over 95% of them are female. Dedicated to Women’s higher education, CWU is established as a new force of forming more future women leaderships in China.

      We are currently hiring English native language teachers possessing a Bachelor’s Degree, Masters Degree or PhD. We give priority to those who major in MBA, Business, Sociology and Law.

      Our contract will be signed based on half a year or one year. A foreign teacher will be expected to teach 16 hours a week. There is an apartment available for the foreign teacher.

      Email your CV, copy of passport, and degree certificate along with a cover letter to Ms. Yin Lu, Chief Staff of International Cooperation Office, China Women’s University at yinl@cwu.edu.cn.